👵👴 Dear Mom & Dad 1: My parents love working out now 🤯

Dear friend,

I'm so excited to be sharing more of my journey with you this year. Look out for an email from me every weekend called Dear Mom & Dad, with notes like:

1) A question to ask your parents (in all our languages)
2) Ideas on becoming coming closer with your family
3) Ideas on caring for and improving our parents' lives

I hope these will help bring you closer to your loved ones!

1. 🏋️‍♀️ Exercise Equipment for Aging Parents

Ever since quarantine began, I've been trying to help my retired parents exercise more at home and have fun doing it!

It hasn't been easy, but I think I've finally found a combination of home exercise equipment that they can't get enough of 🤯

1. Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch

I bought this adventure video game for my parents where you have to exercise to play, and they've been completely hooked, especially my mom.

You'll need both the Nintendo Switch and the Ring Fit Adventure game accessory.

2. Hydrow

Historically, my parents have only done lower-body exercises on a treadmill and a recumbent bike.

Rowing intrigued me because it's a full-body workout that works 86% of major muscle groups. I couldn't believe it, but my dad got the hang of it on his first try and is genuinely excited to row.

Here's my referral link for $250 off if you're interested.

3. Schwinn Recumbent Bike

They used to bike on this every day while watching TV before I got them the Hydrow. We're selling ours now, so if you're in the Bay Area and you're interested, let me know!

2. 💡 Being a Transitional Character

A transitional character is one who, in a single generation, changes the entire course of a lineage.

Who somehow finds a way to metabolize the poison and refuse to pass it on to their children.

They break the mold.

Their contribution to humanity is to filter the destructiveness out of their own lineage so that the generations downstream will have a supportive foundation upon which to build productive lives.

– Carlfred Broderick

I first learned about this concept from Mastin Kipp, who helped me gain the words to describe this inspiring role we can play. When we heal our own emotional trauma, we heal our lineage.

3. 💬 Question of the Week (in 7 languages)

Who has had the biggest impact on you and your life?

Simplified Chinese:
Zài nǐde shēngmìng zhōng, duì nǐ yǐngxiǎng zuìdà de rén shì shéi?

Traditional Chinese:
Zài nǐde shēngmìng zhōng, duì nǐ yǐngxiǎng zuìdà de rén shì shéi?

Ai có ảnh hượng lớn nhất trong cuộc sống của ____?

¿Qué persona le ha impactado más en su vida? (Formal)
¿Qué persona te ha impactado más en tu vida? (Informal)

삶에 가장 큰 영향을 미친 사람은 누구예요?
salmeh gajang keun yeonghyangeul michin sarameun nuguyeyo?

Sino po ang may pinakamalaking impluwensiya sa inyong buhay?

Happy Lunar New Year from my family to yours. 💞🧧🐯

With love,
Joseph Lam

Joseph J. Lam
On a mission to help people connect deeply with their parents. | CEO & Co-founder of Parents Are Human (parentsarehuman.com)