👵👴 Dear Mom & Dad 12: What I bought my parents to help them improve their posture

Dear friend,

It started when we noticed my dad spending hours every day slumped sideways looking at his computer.

The issue was that his computer was far too low on a coffee table, off to the right of his recliner, an arm's length away.

My mom noticed he was getting increasingly hunched over as time went on, to get closer to the laptop.

Not great! My parents' health is top priority right now as they're getting older. Every small investment we could make to make living more sustainable for them is worth it.

1. 📸 What I Bought My Parents to Help Improve Their Posture

After some considerable research, I'm so happy to share that we found the perfect solution:

This LEVO G2 Rolling Laptop Workstation brings his laptop screen right up to eye level in front of him, while allowing him type easily.

It's incredibly sturdy, easy to adjust, and easy to roll away whenever my dad wants to get up from his recliner.

He loved it so much that I immediately bought the iPad version for my mom, the LEVO G2 iPad Rolling Floor Stand.

It's so perfect because now my mom will just roll the stand into the kitchen whenever she bakes, and she'll be able to see her recipes hands-free.

These both are height-adjustable to even standing eye-level.

If you have loved ones who might benefit from these, don't hesitate to get them! It's a long-term health investment :)

2. 💬 Question of the Week (in 7 languages)

What is the best thing someone has ever done for you?

Simplified Chinese:
Biéren wèi nǐ zuòguò zuì hǎo de shìqing shì shénme?

Traditional Chinese:
Biéren wèi nǐ zuòguò zuì hǎo de shìqing shì shénme?

Điều tuyệt vời nhất ai đó đã từng làm cho ____ là gì?

¿Qué es lo mejor que alguien ha hecho por usted? (Formal)
¿Qué es lo mejor que alguien ha hecho por ti? (Informal)

살면서 다른 사람이 해줬던 최고의 일은 뭐예요?
salmyeonseo dareun sarami haejwotdeon choegoui ireun mwoyeyo?

Ano po ang pinakamagandang nagawa ng isang tao para sa inyo?

What have you bought recently for your loved ones that has improved their lives? I'd love to share it with our community!

With love,

Joseph J. Lam
On a mission to help people connect deeply with their parents. | CEO & Co-founder of Parents Are Human (parentsarehuman.com)