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Dear Mom, Dear Dad

A series of essays documenting my journey of healing a broken relationship with my parents.

The Tech Tools I Use to Record and Preserve My Parents’ Stories

On My Birthday, I Interviewed My Parents: What Was It Like To Raise Me?

30 Reflections From Healing a Broken Relationship With My Parents
(All 30 Essays)

#1 - I Yelled at My Parents for Over a Decade & Here's Why I Owned Up To It

#2 - The Three Sentences That Changed My Relationship With My Parents Forever

#3 - Who I Became When I Didn't Cry for Ten Years

#4 - The One Goal I Had Rebuilding My Relationship With My Parents

#5 - I Lived With My Parents & Hugged Them Every Day for a Year and a Half

#6 - I Tried to Escape From My Family's Dysfunction; It Didn't Work

#7 - My Mom Pretended to Want a Dog; She Was Actually Heartbroken

#8 - We Have the Power to Bring Community to Our Parents by Having BYOP Parties

#9 - I Did a Bad Job Hearing Out My Parents; That's Why They Repeated Themselves

#10 - Dear Mom: I Will Never Yell at You Again for Giving Me Too Much Food

#11 - I Conditioned My Parents and Now I'm Doing Everything I Can to Undo It

#12 - I Promised Myself That I’d Show Up as the Same Person Everywhere I Go

#13 - Letting Go of the Story That My Parents Are Not Good with Technology

#14 - The Three Key Challenges for Healing My Relationship With My Parents

#15 - Identifying My Emotional Wound and Coping Mechanism From Childhood

#16 - The One Internal Shift I Had to Make to Begin to Understand My Parents

#17 - What I Learned From Hitting Rock Bottom During the Hardest Year of My Life

#18 - What It Means to Take Full Responsibility for My Communication

#19 - Letting Go of My Childhood Stubbornness and Improving My Chinese

#20 - Family Is All My Dad Needs to Be Fulfilled, and It's a Lesson We All Need to Hear

#21 - Note to Self: I Cannot Change My Parents; I Can Only Change Myself

#22 - Try This: Practice Saying a Genuine Thank You to a Triggering Statement

#23 - Advice My Mom Would Give to All Parents: Be Friends With Your Children

#24 - Not All Heroes Wear Capes: A Memory That Exemplifies My Mother's Love

#25 - Not All Heroes Wear Capes: The Act of Service That Embodies My Father's Love

#26 - The Shortcut That Helped Me Deepen My Relationship With My Parents

#27 - The Transformative Power of Asking My Parents Deep, Meaningful Questions

#28 - My Parents Showed Their Love for Me Through Gifts & Now I Am Doing the Same

#29 - It Took Me Two Years of Inner Work to Let Go of My Shame and Forgive Myself

#30 - Building a Future Where My Family and Friends Live in an Intergenerational Village

Dear Mom: I will never yell at you again for giving me too much food


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