The question about love that changed my life ❤️‍🔥

Dear friend,

Did you know February is the month of love? It's not just about romantic love, but also about fostering self-love and nurturing relationships with friends, family, and everyone—love for all.

Today, I wanted to leave you with one of the most powerful inquiries I've ever received about love:

Who would you need to be for love to be present wherever you go?

Take some time to think about this question and sit with it if you can. There's no straightforward answer.

When I sat with this question during the hardest year I ever experienced, it completely transformed my life.

I realized, over time, that this person who the question was calling forth was who I wanted to be and become for the rest of my life.

Where even in the hardest of situations, whether I'm with my parents, partner, friends, strangers, animals, and even things, I would strive to be the kind of person where love would be present.

It was then that I knew I had to rebuild my relationship with my parents and heal all the pain we had held onto over the years.

Even though there isn't a clear "done" or finish line to this goal, deep down, I just knew it'd be a life I would not regret living.

After all, the more love you give, the more you'll have.

Happy Valentine's Day. Wishing you all the love in my heart. ❤️

– Joseph

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